The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel



Staring at the tears on the window pane

Tracing my fears down a windswept lane

I’ve been here before, I know where I am

I hear my heart pounding though I try to look calm


The memories come flooding back

Of a love lost long ago

The sun is bright but my thoughts are dark

Why the tears are falling, I don’t know




One young girl, one young boy

Joined together, lost in joy

One young girl, one young boy

Torn apart, their hearts destroyed


I couldn’t forget as the years rolled by

That golden day under a clear, blue sky

When we discovered a love so pure

A love for life, without a cure


I ca still see her emerald eyes

Which shined for all to see

One day alone, a whole life apart

One day in wg=hich to be free


Repeat chorus to fade




Sah 1982

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