The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




Blue shades of thunder roll from the hills

Driving the storm clouds ahead

A fine sheet of smurr falls on the pane

Waking the old man in bed

He sits up and smiles as he sees the white face

Of the woman he once nearly wed


A spectre of silence approaches the town

Casting a shadow of grey

It quietly moves through the alleys and wynds

Preventing the coming of day

Though the light of the sun is up in the sky

Just a movement of echoes away


The motion of time is linking the chain

Holding together tomorrow

A piece of the night is breaking away

Travelling back into sorrow

He can’t bring her back, not even if

He begs, he steals or he borrows


Another day comes, the tears still flow

The eyes fight back the pain

The clouds are darkening overhead

To herald the coming of rain

The woman he loves has been taken away

To help forge a link in the chain


The seer witnesses the old mans tears

And casts him in the role

Of a king to be in a time gone by

A man with no immortal soul





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