The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




I was thinking about drinking

I was thinking about dope

All that thinking got me drinking

And I had a little toke

I’m not much of a drinking man

Though I drink when I think and I think when I can

But I thought, “why not”

So I had a drop

And to help it go down

Some Columbian Brown


I had another, then one for the road

But it felt kind of lonely so I took one more on board

They started to fight so I struck as a light

I rolled me a smoke and I told me a joke

To keep things a-rolling I puored me a shot

Of vodka, of whisky, of home made gut rot

But I started to slur and things started to blur

So I had just one more and then started to snore


I woke up at two and felt for the wine

But that was started at eight and finished by nine

I looked for some whisky, some vodka or gin

There was nothing but empties lying by the bin

I reached for my dope but my cupboard was bare

I crawled to the door to get some fresh air

I looked in here

I looked in there

Desperate for some drink

But there was none

So I took my thumb

And puked up in the sink




Sah 1984

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