The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




I feel so alone,

There’s nowhere left for me to go,

The walls are closing in,

I’m restrained within my skin,

Please don’t leave me here,

My screams are silent,

No-one near,

I wear a dead-skin mask,

A symbol of a life long task,

To spend my time alone with you,

Each year reborn,

To start anew,

No echoes from without,

No interplay,

No cause for doubt,

But now I’m trapped,

Each breath I take eternal pain,

I watch you roaming free,

A whisper glimpsed between the trees,

Your laughter mocks my dreams,

A fatal blow,

My life-force screams,

Until I breathe again,

My tears are dry,

Eclipsed by rain,

A place of innocence,

In pieces,

Shattered by my pain,

My hopes are fettered,

My fears,



My world comes crashing down,

A ruin in your world of lies,

I sit bereft,

A shadow waiting for my own demise,

No more future,

No more hope,

No more love,

No goodbyes.



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