The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




The keen eyes of solitude, all hail

Relentless ice, sharp and cruel

She is rough and fierce and wild

And now she carries the masters child


~The new world puts the old to flight

Truth turns the gloomy dusk to light

Dawns brightness drives away the night~


Do you begrudge her her night of joy

Until He came she was so coy

Now so pierced by his cold

Makes her feel fulfilled and bold


Nine months on the master comes

To witness the birth of his sun

She feel his presence standing near

For the first and last time she senses fear


The child is torn from out her womb

The mother’s carried to her tomb

No emotion does the master feel

As the church bell tolls one last peal


sah83 ~Goethe


Vetustatem novitas,
Umbram fugat claritas,
Noctem lux eliminat.

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