The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




Staring into the mists of time

Past, present and future

Learning the secrets of eternity

From the dead, the living, from those yet to be born

Dark secrets

Torn from the womb of mother earth

Secrets no-one should know

Reflections of time

No ordinary mirror

The mirror has a sentience

Which it reveals to no-one

Back, back, back in time

Past the age of reptiles

Into pre-history

No human mind has ventured here

Or will again

The secrets from the age of half-man


Of the dragon kings

Mystical masters

Of space, of time

Holders of knowledge

Too powerful for human minds

The mirror tells all

The man hears all

His mind rejects the knowledge

Of the dragon kings

A knowledge of power beyond belief

His mind rejects the knowledge

Of his own being

And the mirror cracked


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