The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




You betray me with every breath you take,

Each word a deceit, every gesture a lie.

Smug in your false security,

Thinking me unwitting.

You spin your web of fake sincerity,

Weaving a complex tapestry of falsehoods,

So sure of the lure of your beguiling glances,

You plunge ever further into the maw of contempt.

You take me for granted, so sure of my devotion,

But you embrace the ardour of another.

With each lascivious flick of your adulterous hips,

You outline your own dissolution.

You call me a liar, diffusing my judgement,

Swearing that I stand alone,

But steel knows no sentiment, nor truth from a lie,

And our first time alone is our last time together,

As I lay down beside you to die.


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