The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




Does your life have no meaning,

Do you despair of succeeding,

Do you feel there’s no reason,

To carry on.

Contemplating destruction,

Suicide is no option,

There’s no choice,

But to carry on.

The acheivers and deceivers,

And the liars and the teachers,

Never try to reach us,

So we failures and we seekers,

Are displayed in a freak show,

With no choice but to carry on.

Where is love when you need it,

Are you shamed and defeated,

Downhearted but elated,

Knowing that,

You have to carry on.

You’re bloodied and you’re battered,

All your visions are shattered,

Pick your dreams up,

Face the dawning,

And carry on.


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