The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel



Through the long dark night your memory haunts me.

The fragrance of your hair next to mine.

A moment of pleasure, a life of regret.

The bitter taste of chances long gone.

Your voice whispers softly in the autumn breeze,

Of a time when we almost were friends.

We grew ever closer, then parted in anger,

Politeness, the sharpest of knives.

Masque upon masque, I play out my role,

Of the fool for whom nobody cares.

Hiding behind my cynical eyes,

A bottomless well of despair.

You showed me a vision of comfort and joy,

I held on and breathed in your love,

Then the nightmare returned and I ran from you crying.

Hidden behind a harlequins smile.

Glimpses of gentleness grow evermore welcome,

defenseless, I search for your soul.

Hope against hope that your heart will remember,

And linger, no longer alone.


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