The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




She came like a vision,

Into my arms.

A movement so rare and so fine.

Tearing apart my fragile defences,

Leaving me bereft and alone.

She spoke words of friendship,

But eased herself from me.

Smiling through waves of red hair.

We spoke as we walked,

It seemed for only a moment,

We were alone in a world of our own.

She beguiled me with glances,

Bewitched me with motions,

Enslaved me with flicks of her hair.

She smiled as we parted,

A promise of nothing.

So, I’m cast adrift,

With no welcoming future,

No promises of better days to come.

Only one thing sustains me,

Bottle by bottle,

Through the lonesome nights.

The one thing that lingers,

That fights off the pain,

Is the memory of her fragile smile.


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