The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




I watch the sun beat down on a million faces,

On tranquil people,

Leading tranquil lives.

I watch them pour down the streets,

In and out of doorways,

Ebbing and flowing.

I watch them stop and chat about this and that,

About who’s gone where and who’s done what.

I watch them melt into shades of grey.

I watch them drift on and on,

No sense of direction,

No futures, no plans, no grand designs,

Wasting their minds and wasting my time.

I watch them fuck and breed like sex-starved rats,

Copulating through habit,

Begging to be neutered.

I watch them corrupting the very breath of life,

Despoiling the land with their bland non-life.

I watch them and wonder how long will it be,

How long can I wait,

Until my volcanic contempt spews forth,

Engulfing them in a torrent of bile,

Until finally,

Both I and they are cleansed.


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