The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




Tow me under,

Grab my life and squeeze,

Until dry,

I won’t resist,

Why fight for an idea,

You almost believe in,

When you know it won’t come to pass.

I’m not paranoid,

They are out to get you.

You can’t see them,

You can’t touch them,

You can’t smell them,

You can’t taste them,

You can’t hear them,

But they are there.

Just around the corner,

Waiting for you,

Pulling you down in the mire of despair,

Screwing your mind,

With tales of distortion,

Twisting you,

Turning you,

You won’t even know,

You won’t have a memory,

Of what it was like,

Before your demise.


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