The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




Submerging the night in yet another drink.

Another lonely night, another pint to sink.

Watching all the faces blurring into one.

Trying to forget that somewhere there’s someone.

Staring at the flames building in the fire.

Looking at the smoke drifting ever higher.

A town with no heart, a town with no pity.

Another empty night in another empty city.

Nothing left to live for when there’s nothing left to dream.

No point left in hoping when things are as they seem.

Drifting in a vacuum where each day is the same.

A lonely, loveless life with just yourself to blame.

No longer looking forward, no sense in looking back.

Just an empty feeling, no candle in the black.

In a town of lonely people, another lonely soul.

A crowded, empty bar room where heartache takes its toll.

Hope is at its lowest when the new year comes around.

Laughter everywhere and life lights up the town.

Festive cheer and festive love except for those alone.

Suffering through the yuletide times sitting on their own.

Happy days and happy nights seem so far away.

Sitting alone in a crowded bar not knowing what to say.


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