The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




Lying alone on an Autumn night

Wondering what’s wrong, how to put it right

Thinking of love and thinking of friends

Thinking of a loneliness that never seems to end


He’s empty inside, he’s drifting away

Wondering if he wants to see another day

Living apart, no-one to call his own

Living in a house, but wanting a home




Another lonely night, after another lonely night

Another empty heart, another empty day

Wanting to hold on, but finding no-one there

Not wanting to be loved, just someone to care


Another day dawns with nothing to do

Another day dawns with nothing to lose

Stumbling through life with head hung low

Stumbling through life with nothing to show


An average man with average desires

Just needing somebody to lift him higher

Needing a lover, needing a friend

Someone to help his loneliness end


Repeat chorus




Sah 1983

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