The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




The Empire crumbles before my eyes,

The sky-clad warriors are led to die,

In a frenzy of blood and fire,

I see the Empire die.

Hopes of conquest lie tattered and torn,

Strewn across a field of death,

The heart of an Empire,

Tattered and torn.

The corpses of a thousand fathes lie still,

Children cry and women wail.

People fall on the broken glass.

The Empire dies.

Wrapped in the memories of glories past,

The old men spin their tales of hate.

Weaving a myth.

Of Empires lies.

Trapped in haze of deceit and passions,

The children of the vanquished stumble ever on.

Dreaming of Empire and glories to come.

An Empire born.


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