The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




A blinding vision of unfetterd Utopia,

Anarchic dreaming in a free-fire zone.

We live and die in a moment of passion,

Emotions reign over methodical minds.

Order rages in an impotent fury,

Rails against an Empire lost.

In vain, it hammers against the unassailable,

The war is over, the battle lost.

Love explodes in an orgy of joy,

Of moments lost in a history of hate.

Centuries’ repression blows up in our faces,

Feelings subdued by the disciples of god.

The holy preach love and the holy practice hate.

Believe in my god or suffer my rage.

My god is righteous, your god a devil.

I’ll go to my heaven, you’ll burn in my hell.

The torture is over, the torment is past.

False barriers torn down by the hand of the mass.

Sunshine beats down on the whole human race,

United by love in the face of despair.


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