The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel

Words and lyrics

I barely care but I’ll bung up the words what I wrote back in the eighties when I thought I was the next Bon Scott.

Notes – *P = Pantheon (prog band) *M = Merlin (NWOBHM band) *B = Bombay Male (rock band) *R = random jottings

Beautiful Nightmare *P
Can’t Leave You Now *B
Red Kite *R
The Man Who Defied Gravity – Chapter 1 *R
Room With A View *R
Web of Diamonds *P
Storm Clouds *P
Sun *P
Vigilante *P
Stormchild *M
Standing in the Darkness *B
I Wish It Would Rain *R
The Priest Pointed Out *R
The Return Of The Wanderer *P
Cherry – Chapter 1 *R
The Snake Pit *P
Hurtwood Edge *P
The Reckoning *P
Sermon *P
No Goodbyes *P
I’ll Always Be There *B
Ridin’ The Sky On A Fandangled Moon *B
Hooch – Chapter 1 *R
The Rage *M
The Otter With The Lovely Left Foot *B
Lost Childhood *P
Malvoisin’s Mirror *P
Shades of Tears *P
Obsession *P
Laughter *B
Five Years On *B
Joined *B
Harlequin *B
Tomorrow, Said The Old Man *B
Flight of the Dream *P
Magnetic Imperfection *P
Waterfall *P
Zeitgeist (I) * P
Master *M
Tears *M
Lies *B
White Christmas *B
Thirty Pieces Of Silver *M
Infamy *P
Prohibition Daze *B
Empty Heart *M
Can’t Take Nothing *B
Dreamscape 01/07/83 *P
Deathquest *M
Desertion *M
The Edge Of Forever *P
Forge *P
Firefall *B
Erosion *P
Enemy *M
Empty Times *B
Empire *P
Despair *P

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