The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




I saw the clouds roll over

Turning inside out

I saw the moon singing

A plaintive lullaby

The time to change has passed now

It’s time to stay the same

For the moon no longer sings to me

And the clouds have blown away


Once I was a god

A vain and vengeful wraith

I sat on high

Destroyed the low

A weak and feeble race

But now my time has ended

The new gods cast me down

I must choose between life and death

The immortals time has come


To live as a man

To die as a god

To worship

Or be worshipped


To fight with pain

To suffer old age

Or to be cast into limbo

My name to live on


To live as a man

To die as a god

One of millions

Or a legend to some


The choice

For once

Is clear




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