The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




It was raining down in Belford,

As he wandered through the streets.

Another Sunday afternoon,

Another bad defeat.

He seems to look at nothing,

But he’s staring deep inside,

At a one way ticket on a snow bound freight  train,

Hurtling down the line.


It all seemed so easy,

A quick and easy high.

A simple way of having fun,

No risk of saying goodbye.

He didn’t see it coming,

There was no warning sign,

But then one day came a screaming pain,

That told him buy or die.


He walks down to the water,

And tries to change his mind.

To find a way to save the day,

But the snow had made him blind.


He looks across the water,

To see where he should go.

But the only thing that he can see,

Is a blinding field of snow.

He sinks into the deep drift,

He doesn’t mind the cold.

And somewhere in the city streets,

Another life is sold.



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