The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




The silver light at the edge of the hall

Reflects the passing of day

Moonshine glisters at the top of the fall

Trying to show him the way

The water ripples as if trying to call

But not knowing quite what to say


The mage laughs a carrion laugh

Seeing the wanderers plight

A man long dead, brought back to life

Through a powerful shade of the night


Flying above the black-watered stream

The red dove appears not to know

How close he has come to the source of the dream

Which summoned him so long ago


In his tower of stone, the mage sits on high

Watching the hawk fly above

He sees it come screaming from a crack in the sky

Tearing the heart from the dove


In a castle of cloud a maiden weeps

Feeling the pain of her love





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