The Mr H Family Emporium II

Hamilton / Robinson Family Tree – the sequel




I watched her walk toward me with hatred in her eyes.  She held a knife before her, sunlight flashing off the blade.  She stopped a foot away, the knife six inches from my navel.


‘Love me’, she said.


With an outburst of longing, I tore the clothes from her body, leaving her naked as a new moon.  I followed the pattern of scars on her skin, reliving my past and reading my destiny.


‘Take me’, she said.


I fell upon her with savage joy, an exultant cry upon my lips.  She lay there cold and lifeless, the knife buried in her breast.  I pulled it out, inch by inch, slowly savouring the moment.  She rose and fell with me, united in life and death.  We parted.


As I lay there, spent, a hand gently caressed my brow.  I looked up into those hate filled eyes.  Screaming with ecstatic pain, I felt the six inch blade burrow its way inside my stomach.  We rose and fell, mimicking my lust.


Our blood intermingled, forming a coagulating pool of red.  Flies gathered round our wounds as we undulated, lives and limbs inexorably entwined.


I forced her face down into the pool, taking her again.  With a dying gasp, I erupted into her for the last time, falling into a stream of blood.  I looked into her eyes for the final time.  She spoke.


‘I love you, father’.



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