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  1. Hello,

    found this report about Eddie Wiltshire 2 days ago. Is this the same Eddie who used to work out on building sites – scaffolding ect., roughly 69;s 70s I am quite sure that was his occupation at that time, and if my memory serves me right he was even married at that time, and I also think he had a daughter,( maybe.) or he was kidding me on. Went to Walkers with his crowd near Haymarket every weekend. I would like to know. but with the younger picture of this Eddie I am not 100% sure, the glasses in the picture send signals, as he always wore glasses.The Eddie I knew, was when he was 21,22 23 a bit of a lad at that time, I lost contact with him after a few years, but we used to write to each other a great deal when I left Edinburgh.
    I really would be so grateful if I could find out.
    Thankyou in advance
    Margaret Irlenbusch

  2. It’s possible. The easy question to as is, was he black? Because Edward was. He did lots of labouring work, mainly down in England before coming back to Leith in his forties, when he moved into a flat in Albert Street with his partner. He had drink related problems and died in 2007, aged 60. I’ve only got photos of him as a boy, and there are a couple more in a family montage here – http://bit.ly/1p5gnoc

  3. Hi,
    thanks ever so much for the quick reply. Yes he was black, but more of a good looking darker half cast, round glasses lovely dressed. He must have left for England after 72 as I was still in touch with him then, but alas lost touch with him when he wanted to join me in Germany because I don’t think the move for him would have worked out, it did for me though as I still live here, he wanted a scaffoling job over here. Just shows that I still think of him even now by looking him up.. If only I had known, but then again what could I have done about it. Sad because the two of us where something special at that time, butit got us both into a great deal of trouble. I would just love to have a photo of him, but at that time I threw so much away, letters presents etc. He was a rebel, but he was good
    very sad for me to find this out, but thanks ever so much again for the info, and if you ever did come across a photo of him, I would be MORE than happy.
    Thankyou once again

  4. Sadly, I’m the last of the family, and have the only photos there are. My Mum was his Aunt, and she was in touch with him when he came back, as she’d brought him up after his mother ran off to America. I only met him a couple of times as an adult, as there was a big age gap between us.

  5. thanks again, everything fits, the age, and the drink. I still have a good friend in Edinburgh who used to be with our crowd, so I will get in touch with her.
    Thankyou and wish you all the best.

  6. My Mum, her sister and Nan went to Red Island in 1952/53 for a week’s holiday. My Mum died recently, and a whole pile of letters sent by Mum to Dad (he was doing National service), among which was a postcard send from Red Island to Dad. There is a long white building with a X marking their room. I have some photo’s that were taken while they all there, and Mum often spoke about the great time they had there. I am tracing our Family Tree, so finding more about Red Island is my next job!.

  7. Thankyou for replying. I think your site is fantastic. Mum still talked about Red Island right up to when she died in April, and she was 85 then. They all had a great time, my Mum’s family were originally from Ireland – Millstreet, County Cork – I only found exactly where my Nan’s Dad was born a few years ago. They were all told he came from ‘County Cork’. The postcard Mum sent Dad says that the crossing over was terrible, but coming back to LIverpool the sea was very calm.
    Thankyou again for you site.
    Patricia Hannafin.

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