After a lot of huffing and puffing and, I suspect, a fair amount of aye right from some folks, I’ve gone.

I’ve left Edinburgh behind and headed off to my elephants graveyard, on a wee island off the West coast of Scotland. Since Linda died I’d found Edinburgh increasingly unbearable and it was just getting worse. So I’ve gone.

I don’t really anticipate seeing anyone again, although I’ve told a few folk they’re welcome to come and stay for a visit. But bearing in mind I was seeing them a couple of times a year when I lived doon the road, I’m no holding out much hope.

There are a couple of folk I’ll actually miss but as 99% of the time I was on my own I doubt they’ll miss me. I’m actually OK with that because after 3 years of torment I’d really hate it for someone to mourn me.

But I’m beside the sea now, something we’d always dreamed about for our semi-retirement. Fingers crossed, she’ll come and get me.