It’s three years ago today since Linda’s funeral.  Nine days later I scattered her ashes in the River Tyne.  I jumped in from the landing jetty, waded out tae the weir and scattered them opposite one of her favourite benches.  Then I ran down to the wee river beach and waded back in so I could feel her touch me one last time.

She loved that walk as, after our NHS heroes crippled her, she wisnae very good on her feet. But it was all on the flat, there was a fine selection of benches, a better selection of public shunkies and a couple of decent cafes.  And she’d ayeways get a blether with someone out walking their dugs.  Folk liked her and she was interested in everyone.

I went back today, probably for the last time as I’ve sold our last home and moving away tae an island in the Atlantic.

Video below.