At least I should be by the time you read this.  Because today would have been the anniversary of the birth of the late Mrs H.  So I’m writing this the day before and using the internet necromancy of “scheduling”.

I’ve bunged up a few pictures of Mrs H below and a video of the Red Arrows at Scarborough in 2017.  Why?  Because one of the things I bought for her on what turned out to be her last birthday was to have her name put on the side of a Red Arrow.  She loved them.  And she loved the beach at Scarborough.

As fate would have it we didn’t make the Armed Forces Day that year because she was in the hospice dying. But as fate would have it the last thing she ever watched on her tablet was this video.  In tears. She knew she would never walk on a beach again.  Or anywhere.

*blinder. I’m already blind in one eye.



You can make a donation to the hospice that cared for her so well here.