So I’m back to chucking stuff oot and came across a pile of Deep Purple magazines called Darker Than Blue.  The appreciation society used to punt oot a big glossy magazine on an irregular basis and over a ten year period I doubt there was an issue I didnae have something featured.

Of course, most of their fans wanted to lynch me for my assertion that Ian Gillan was their 5th best singer* but I managed to avoid the mob until the internet killed the mag off.  Simon Robinson who used to put the whole thing together with style and panache has a boutique publishing company these days and still keeps the Purple flag flying (amongst other things) and his books are things off beauty.

At the time of writing the online shop seems to have gone skewiff but feel free to vist Easy On The Eye books.

In the meantime, here’s a skipful of my meanderings pictured within.

1) David Coverdale
2) Glenn Hughes
3) Rod Evans
4) Joe Lynn Turner
5) Ian Gillan