Well it’s amazing what a couple of years and a bottle of rum can do.

Seems that what I really needed wasn’t all that touchy feely talk about your emotions keech that my faither would have kicked me up the arse for.  No, it was proper oblivion and some good old primal scream.  So that’s the drink away (hopefully) for another 15 years.

I feel refreshed and (hippy alert) renewed.  You’ll be glad of that as you wanted nothing more than for me to find a new joy.  It’s been a long time so hopefully I’ll recognise it when it comes along. But I finally feel ready.  A strange feeling but a welcome one.

It really pissed you off that you were the only one to see the best version of me and it pissed you off even more that other folk really, really didnae like me. But you did and maybe, one day, someone else will.

And to that end I’m finally hitting your picture box.  Which means I’m purging myself of the wicked bitch and her family.  I don’t need those reminders when you’ll always be there.  In a special place.  Not like that.  Mucky besom.

You were my wyrd.

Hopefully there is a new one waiting.