For some reason I’ve got a picture of my old office in Marsham Street which I have kindly marked with a purple dot. The windows on either side were mine. Turns out the building is now flats and a 2 bed will set you back £960,000! I had wondered whether I should go North or South when I flit next year. I reckon that’s answered the question although I hope they got the stain out where I fell over in a curry. Yes curry, not hurry. If I looked out the right hand window and stretched my neck a bit I could see my lunchtime, Star Trek themed pub a wee bit along the road.

From my office it was about 100 yards around the corner to where I met Sarah Bellamy. I probably shouldn’t say this but I spent far too many drunken nights with her in a pub along the road which may or may not have been called the Litten Tree. Last time I was darn Sarf it was a bloody Slug & Lettuce. Anyone I’d pour her into a taxi before trying to find my way to the sleeper at Kings Cross. Not always successfully. So here’s a few pictures of Sarah including one ably demonstrating that over the top health and safety is not a new thing.

I’ve even got a picture of “my staff”. Paul, Ola and Riyad. And for some reason one of me escorting the future Head of NATO and Europe Policy (MOD) from the premises. Which in this case was an Irish pub in Strutton Ground. And there’s even a picture of my old digs in Vincent Square (with a purple square). A brisk two minute walk to the Houses of Parliament. My how I chortled when the commuters came straggling in, already knackered.

Twas another life.