Once upon a time I was a real person. I even spent 20 odd years as a freelance music hack. I’ve just found a box of magazines what I wrote for which are now in the recycling bin.

But let’s not forget that time I persuaded a hipster mag to feature an article about Moondog, followed up 2 months later by a Hawkwind feature and a bout of rampant nepotism when my niece managed to appear in their pages.

Or that very brief, strange time, when I was given 2 pages a month in a glossy to SHOUT at people. And I thought I was the drunk one.

Then there was the time I reckoned UFO kept the same setlist because Pete Way was so waysted that no matter where he was at 9.27pm he’d start playing the riff to This Kid’s. Sitting chatting in a Glasgow basement bar with an actual blues legend (Guitar Shorty) was fun and an encounter with another legend – Barry Goldberg (Bob Dylan, Electric Flag, Stephen Stills) went so well he actually wrote to the mag the following issue to praise me.

Good times, long gone. #music #shredding #farewell