I’ve been a bit remiss about bunging stuff up aboot deid relations and who knows how long I’ve got left.  Bar some far flung cousins whom I’ve never met or haven’t met for several decades I’m the last man standing so I’d better get a shift oan.


Look! It’s the Burtons biscuit factory in Sighthill, Edinburgh where my Auntie Eva was a shop steward in the 60s and got free holidays to Bulgaria & Romania from the Eastern Bloc Communist parties.

She had a few jobs including a stint as a clippie oan the buses and when I was a bairn she was partial to babysitting me.  Many years later when I was working in Broomhouse I used to see her in her cooncil hoose four in a block where the living room had a large cocktail bar!  She had three bairns.  Daughter Valerie died when she was 2, son Leonard was 18 when he got killed oan a building site leaving the sole survivor, young Jim. She was married to Jimmy Martin for aboot 60 years after they met when she was doing war work in Elgin in 1940.

This is the only picture I have of her and her whole family.

Evelyn Elizabeth Sarah Grace Robinson b 30/12/18 South Queensferry d 21/11/2003 Edinburgh.