St Valentines Day Massacre

As it’s St Valentines Day it seemed appropriate to pony up for the upkeep of my grandparents grave.  Strange to say it’s only 5 minutes from where Linda and I moved just before she fell ill and died.  Tempting fate.

Especially as I buried my auld Irish mammy there as well.  I always used to threaten Linda that I would put her in the final plot if she gave me any more of her cheek never thinking that day was closer than I thought.  My stupid arsed mother never met Linda, shunning her through ignorance and missed out on what could have been one of the best things to happen to here.

Stupid bloody woman.  Anyway here’s my grandparents;

Birth: 03 Aug 1893, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Death: 01 Apr 1962, Edinburgh St Andrew, Midlothian, Scotland


Mary Agnes Evelyn MUIR
Birth: 31 Jan 1894, 16 East Preston Street, Edinburgh
Death: 02 Jun 1959, Ayr

And if you ever want to visit you can get the address and plot number off the invoice.


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