Happy birthday Dad. That’s you above in finest seventies dayglo next to my Great Uncle George.

I still wonder how things would have turned out if you hadn’t sickened and died when I was still at the school. I’m sure you would have kicked my arse a few more times, much like the arse kickings handed out to you and your faither, grand-faither and so on, the bare facts of whom are listed below.  That poor white trash gene didnae fall far fae the tree.

It’s 2 days since the anniversary of my wifes funeral.  I didnae know ye well but unlike my deid Irish mammy, I do know you would have, at least, opened the door.


Alexander Walker Hamilton
BIRTH 23 AUG 1922 • Breich, West Lothian, Scotland / DEATH 24 DEC 1980 • Edinburgh Morningside, Midlothian, Scotland

Son of Alexander Hamilton, coal miner
BIRTH 18 APR 1883 • Haywood, Carnwath, Lanarkshire / DEATH 26 JAN 1968 • Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Son of John Hamilton coal drawer
BIRTH ABT 1847 • Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire / DEATH 13 MAY 1922 • 5 Breich Terrace, West Calder, Scotland

Son of William Hamilton, ironstone miner
BIRTH ABT 1821 • Dalserf, Lanarkshire / DEATH 1873 • Scotland

Son of Archibald Hamilton Agricultural labourer
BIRTH ABT 1801 • Dalserf, Lanark / DEATH BEF 1881

Son of Robert Hamilton
Who lived in Dalserf, Lanarkshire 1700s