Suited and booted – one year on

Suited and booted – one year on – it’s a year to the day since they took my Lindy away. Safe to say that followers of this blog will be aware that every night since I’ve gone to bed hoping not to wake up.

However, today, I’m going to Haddington.  It was her favourite place and it was where I scattered her ashes in the River Tyne.  Now there were not many things guaranteed to put a spring in the step of Mrs H. Puppies, seaside sunsets and her man in a suit were probably the top 3.  Although a good lemon drizzle cake might have pushed me out of the medal positions.

Twenty long years ago I was a high flyer and had to suit up every day but as time went on and I stepped away from the world a suit was for high days and holidays.  This is neither but I thought I’d do Mrs H the honour of tidying myself up before heading off.  So I’ve put on a 1998 vintage suit just for her.

Now to you I may look like a deranged preacher, an aged gunfighter on his last legs or the maître d’ in a restaurant you know is going to give you food poisoning but I’d do anything to put a spring in her step one last time.  Off to Haddington.


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