William Walker was my 3rd great grandfather on my fathers side. He was born abt 1796 in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, and spent most of his life there, working as a weaver, before dying on 26 Feb 1879 in St Leonards Street, Lesmahagow.

This is what Stonehouse looked like when he lived and worked there as a weaver;


This was a typical weavers cottage at the time, and you can find out all about the Stonehouse weavers at this website – Stonehouse Weavers

Who knows, he might be one of the weavers pictured at the top of the page.

Anyway William Walker BIRTH ABT 1796 • Stonehouse, Lanark DEATH 26 FEB 1879 • St Leonards Street, Lesmahagow, Scotland was my 3rd great-grandfather

He begat

Alexander Walker BIRTH ABT 1823 • Cumbernald, Dumbarton DEATH 14 AUG 1881 • Haywood, Carnwath, Lanarkshire my 2nd great-grandfather

He begat

Mary Walker BIRTH 27 JAN 1855 • Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland DEATH 04 MAY 1913 • 5 Breich Terrace, West Calder, Scotland my great-grandmother

Who begat

Alexander Hamilton BIRTH 18 APR 1883 • Haywood, Carnwath, Lanarkshire DEATH 26 JAN 1968 • Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland my paternal grandfather

Who begat

Alexander Walker Hamilton BIRTH 23 AUG 1922 • Breich, West Lothian, Scotland DEATH 24 DEC 1980 • Edinburgh City Hospital, Midlothian, Scotland ma faither

Taking us right back to the Walkers of 1796 with his middle name.