Great Auntie Famie. Euphemia Moore Tod (born Bell) b Feb 5 1906 Addiewell d Mar 15 1994 Edinburgh. With husband George Tod ootside Binns, Edinburgh in the 40s. They looked after me when I was a wean at primary school.

I could never work oot why my evil Gran and Famie, who were sisters, couldnae stand each other.  It was only the year before Famie died she told me that her mother died when she was 2 or 3, and she was sent off to live with relatives in Fauldhouse.  With my granny being 10 years older than her, they never got to know each other until they were grown ups.  And just didnae get on.  Famie went into domestic service in Edinburgh which is where she must have met George as he was brought up in the Dumbiedykes.  Although he would always snobbishly claim he came from the Pleasance.  Two minutes walk makes a big difference in Embra!

George was a fiddle maker.  Not that the Hamilton / Bell side of the family regarded that as a proper job. They used to say he tried being a painter and decorator for a day but didnae like it and gave up work there and then.  But he must have done alright as they had a nice wee top floor flat in the next stair to us.  He also played in the fiddle band for the open air dancing at the Ross Bandstand and in a fiddle orchestra.  I mind getting taken there as well as to lots of shows at the Nelson Hall when I stayed with them

Here’s a selection of pictures from her younger days.