My Mum was the youngest in her family but the two closest in age to here were the twins, Bill and Alice.  Alice married a Canadian and moved away, never to return.

Alice Dorothy Farrell (born Robinson) b Dec 12 1927 d Nov 8 1970

Lived at 1048 Enola, Port Credit, Ontario, Canada

She had three children – Katherine Farrell b Circa 1959 and 2 sons – Patrick Farrell and Gordon Farrell

Death was registered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She died of cancer aged 42.

She used to write to my Mum quite often and send photos. Some of which are below. They were close as, during the war, my Mum was evacuated to Pittenweem with Alice and my Uncle Bill, who was Alices twin.

After she died that was that. We never heard from them again This was long before the internet so I’m sure her husband Jim had enough on his hands with three young bairns to look after.

Top row (L to R) – Alice and (mebbe) Jim, Alice and one that is definitely marked Alice and Jim

Bottom row (L to R) – Jim and one of the Canadian cousins, Pat (and dog) and Gordon

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