It’s a livin’ thing.  Or a dyin’ thing.  See, now that I’ve got literally no next of kin I thought it wise to get my affairs in order.  So I’ve been sorting out the house title, bank accounts and DWP gubbins.  Now it’s time to make a new will.  I also decided I wanted one of them there Advance Directives.  A “living will” in common parlance.

Should I end up in the hospital with something grim I don’t want any medical treatment.  It’s been a long, hard, generally shite life and I don’t want some half arsed quack shoving tubes in places they don’t belong.  After all, they crippled and later killed Mrs H due to their incompetence.  So they can keep their fucking hands off me.  Incidentally, did you know that the pass mark for your Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) aka A Doctor at Edinburgh University is 60%.  That’s right, 60%*.  If my central heating got buggered and the engineer admitted he didn’t know what 40% of the pipes and wires were for I’d kick his arse oot the door.  So doctors be damned.

Anyway, turns out I’ve got something else to thank the retardathon that passes for a Scottish Government for.  Unlike England and Wales, a living will in Scotland isn’t legally binding!  Yup, that noddy who nearly failed can override it if he / she chooses.  The bastards.

I’ll be getting a lawyer to make one up anyway and I’ll instruct them to sue whatever halfwit doctor decides to ignore it.  It’s my life and I want it over.  60%!  And they don’t even try to hide it.  It’s on their bloody website.

*At least it’s an actual pass mark unlike Edinburgh College of Art where 45% gets you a useless degree.  Yet another reason, as if it were needed, to shut these bloody places down.