Linda loved Christmas.  That came as a surprise to me, a non Christmas person.  It wasn’t a thing when I was growing up.  When I was young my Dad only got a half day on Christmas Day and was back at work on Boxing Day.  New Year was the big thing.  That’s when we’d head out at lunchtime on New Years Day, stopping off at Betty & Jimmy Grahams in Viewforth, auld Mrs McCluskey in Lochrin Buildings, Mrs McPartlin in Thornybauk (and hopefully the boys would be back off the boats), then on to Jimmy & Evelyn Wilsons in Dalry, the crawl that never ended!  Then he fell ill, then he died on Christmas Eve when I was still at school.

When I left home I lived alone for 9 years before meeting the late Mrs H so just ignored it or tried to cadge some work.  Then I made the mistake of starting to date Linda in early December which meant I was invited to go with her and her boy to her parents later on Christmas Day, post meal.  When I went to her wee housing association flat to pick her up it was as if Christmas had exploded!  See, when she had her boy she decided he was going to have the Christmases that she never had with her witch of a mother.  And for the whole of our life together she always made Christmas special.  Even last year when she knew she had cancer she still decorated the house and took Uncle Tommy out for a Christmas meal as we did every year.

This will be my first Christmas alone in 27 years, so I’ll be battening doon the hatches and wishing the world away.  But here’s some pictures from way back in Easter Road days right up to our last Christmas, last year.  Thank you for so many special days,my dearest.