It was 27 years ago today…that the future Mrs H and I went on our first date.

The 7th December 1990.

It was a bit weird as we were working in the same building at the time so I walked Linda home as I often did, leaving her in Yeaman Place before nipping along Watson Crescent and through Harrison Park to get to my digs in Shandon.

An hour later I went back to collect her and we headed off to a pub in Fountainbridge called Yesterdays.  It’s some kind of shitty sushi bar now, which is just wrong.  But back then it was an old fashioned, albeit clean, pub with – bonus! – lots of booths up the back. For, ahem, privacy.

We sat and blethered for four hours before I walked her home.  And that was that. For the next 27 years we were a couple through bad times and worse times.

Amusingly enough, though, we’d actually been on a pre-date the week before.  I’d blagged 3 free tickets for the BBC Scotland Hogmanay ceilidh which took place in their basement theatre in George Street.  Now mind, this was a ceilidh for the radio.  Yes, the radio.  They could have just played a bloody record on Hogmanay and no-one would have been the wiser.  But no, it was a full blown shindig.

Now I had three tickets so I invited the late Mrs H as well as one of her friends, who also worked beside her.  So it was me, Linda and Dannielle who went to the ceilidh.  Linda always reckoned I was hedging my bets and that if Dannielle had shown interest I’d have picked her instead.  To which my response usually involved me pointing out how long we’d been together and that I’d hardly put myself through all that if I didn’t like her a wee bit.

Anyway, here’s some pictures of Linda in happier times with one of Dannielle, for old times sake.  Happy anniversary, my dearest.  Hopefully we’ll be together again sooner rather than later.