Well, I used to live for the weekend.  After the NHS crippled Linda 7 years back I started working one day a week from home.  As time passed by she became more infirm and I reduced my hours.  So I stopped working on a Monday.

Which meant when I came home from work on a Friday I had three uninterrupted Linda days.  They were my favourite.   So when the chance came up to take my redundancy and start working at home, for myself, I leapt at the chance.

See, Linda’s “good” days didn’t always coincide with me being at home.  Sometimes she was in too much pain to go out at the weekends.  But being able to juggle my work to fit in with her was going to be a delight.  A month after I signed the papers we found out she had cancer.  So there was no more delight.

Her whole life she said there was always a fly in the ointment.  Something always spoilt even the chance of there being full on joy in her life.  And she was such a good Lindy.  She deserved so much better.  Hopefully, I’ll see her soon.  Maybe next time.



St Columba’s Hospice Tribute Fund for Linda Hamilton