I don’t think I ever broke a promise to Linda in over 25 years of marriage.  Which means the death bed promises she extracted from me are, unfortunately, binding.

So no headers off the Dean Bridge and no bottles of whisky are in my immediate future.  Which is a right bastard as they were Plan A and Plan 2 post Linda.  One of the other things she wanted was for all her money to go to the hospice.  She was very precise about how it was to be divided up so that everyone, staff and volunteers, would know how much she appreciated what they did for her.  Even if no-one could do a damn thing to ease her torment in the last couple of weeks.

So it’s done.  I closed her account, rounded it up, and sent the cheque below off with her breakdown.  Hopefully it will help some others who’re in a similar position.  Many thanks to everyone who has given something to her Tribute Fund.  It’s really good of you.