I’ve done this one before, but stumbled across a first hand account on that there internet about what happened when my Uncle Bill (Hamilton) got killed by that bastard Hitler.


“This is an extract from J.E. Price book, “Heels in Line “. The title refers to how the sailors left their shoes on the deck when they left the Gloucester for the last time. He was a gunner on the ship and spent the rest of the war in various POW camps in Greece, Austria and Germany . At the end of the war, he was in a camp in Poland and was freed by the Americans. He was suffering from frost bitten toes (which were amputated without anaesthetic). He was flown back to Britain suffering from Typhoid and was not expected to survive the journey. Eventually, he was de-mobbed back to his home in Exmouth where he became a postman and where he spent the rest of his life. He very patriotically died on Trafalgar Day in 1978 – a sailor until the end! The book is out of print, but is well worth reading if you can get a copy.”

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HMS Gloucester



Forename William George Bell
Rank Sto 2
Service number P/KX119526
Place of birth West Calder
Date of death 22 May 1941
Theatre of death RN HMS Gloucester Crete
Cause of death Unknown
Unit name Unknown Unit attached to ROYAL NAVY AND ROYAL MARINES