Alexander Walker Hamilton and Stuart Alexander HamiltonWe went to see the film down below.  Cos men didn’t go to the pictures with their children back then. They had important things to do like working and going to the pub.  As it should be.  But he made an exception for this one as I was deemed old enough not to show him up.

It was his third favourite film ever, after Shane and The Man Who Would Be King.  And he was right about THWWBK.

He still called it the Regal, even though it had been renamed ABC many years before, but I don’t think he had been back to the pictures since he was winching his wife to be (aka my Mum) back in about 1960.

There was none of that nonsense about buying food and drink in the pictures either.  That was for rich folk and eejits, but he did buy a packet of Opal Fruits out of Mrs Thomsons before we walked along Dundee Street.

It was a very exciting day for me, and one of the last good days I remember with him, as he was already smitten with the cancer that was to kill him 3 years later.

The strip of pictures of the two of us was taken a couple of years earlier at the photo booth that used to be at the side of the Caledonian Hotel in Lothian Road.















A Bridge Too Far Original Half-Sheet