My dads old school for the educationally subnormal

My dads old school. He wasn’t much for the school, was my Dad. He left as soon as he could, walked to Woodmuir Colliery on the Monday morning, got hired the same day, and got dragged home the same night by my Grandad who wisnae having that.

So he ended up working at the petrol station in West Calder, filling tanks and washing windscreens, until Herr Hitler got some ideas in his head aboot taking over the world. So it was six years in the RAF during the war for my Dad, Alexander Walker Hamilton.

I was delighted to get his RAF service records which declared him “educationally subnormal” on his induction.  The fruit disnae fa’ far fae the tree.

But this is his old school – West Calder High School

Posted Image


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