Cousin Edwards ration book

Here’s a couple of pages from my cousin Edwards ration book. Edward was the son of mad Auntie Bette, who arrived from America one day with a wee black baby in tow. A couple of days later she nipped oot for a paper and headed back to America sans Edward. My Mum ended up looking after him, and everyone roond Crewe Toll thought she was the one who had the wee black baby. Although he was well looked after, he was always a restless soul, wandering the world, until he ended up in Leith ten years back, dying of an alcohol related disease a few years back. If only he’d used up his egg ration!

My Mum, Gran and Edward, along with Grace, from Sri Lanka, one of many students who lodged with my Gran in Pennywell.
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The meat and eggs were from P Henderson, Butcher, 104 Easter Road (which I used got my stuffing from every Christmas till the shut down a few years back). they must have had a van as it’s a long way from Pennywell Road.
Fats, Cheese, Bacon and Sugar were from the Leith Prov Co-op Society Ltd, Crewe Road van number 3.

Edward Dudley Wiltshire

Birth 1947 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Death 2007 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland


Edward Dudley Wiltshire

Death 2007 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland



  1. Saw your blog, yes a lot of truths but there was a lot more to him than that. I knew Bette very well and was with her near the end visited when Eddie did not. I also knew aunt Eva very well to. Appreciate the pictures but you did not know him very well. I was with him for 13 yes.

    1. Only going by what my Mum told me. I knew Bette very well when she was at her worst and living with us. Edward used to pop in to see my Mum when he was older back when she was working in the blind shop in Leith Walk. All the best.

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