Now that the ID database has been destroyed and we are safe from the forces of totalitarianism (hah!), here’s a snapshot of life in the forties when ID cards were required.

This is my Mums (Grace Muir Robinson) National Registration Identity Card from 1949.

Front cover
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Middle pages
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Back page
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In case you were wondering about the class code, they were were used for administration and electoral purposes. Cards were marked A, B, C, N or V.

  • A: Aged over 21
  • B: Aged between 16 and 21

Additionally, all class code ‘B’ cards were followed by three numbers. The first two indicated the year in which the holder was born whilst the third indicated which quarter of the year the holder was born in. For example, B. 293 would show that my auld mammy was born in the third quarter of 1929.