Here’s a curio! I don’t know why, but I’ve got a copy of an affadavit from 1952, relating to my Uncle Ernie, who married my Mums sister Terry Robinson. See the scan below. It says;

Edinburgh Scotland
May — 1952

To whom it may concern

I —— am a personal friend of the parents of the bearer of this letter, Ernest John Roberts Smith, late of 5 Parkhead View, Edin, now residing at 3227 East 3rd St. Long Beach, California, USA. I have known Mr E J R Smith since infancy and I hereby attest that to the best of my knowledge he attended Gorgie Elementary School, Tynecastle Secondary School and that he completed his education at Saughton Secondary School by attending night classes, graduating early in 1943 just prior to joining the Royal Navy.

Yours truly

There’s no name or signature, so it must have been for someone to fill in the blanks.

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