My Great Grandfathers chapel gets plaque from the Hibees.

St PatricksHundreds of Hibs fans braved the poor weather conditions to witness Club legend Pat Stanton unveil a plaque commemorating the birthplace of Hibernian FC inside St Patrick’s Church in the Cowgate at the weekend.

The plaque was commissioned by members of the St Patrick’s Branch of the Hibernian Supporters Club and after discussions with the Archdiocese, Trustees and Parish, it was agreed that the ceremony would take place on St Patrick’s Day.

The beautiful plaque is set on Connemara Marble and reads “St Patrick’s Parish, the Historic Home of Hibernian Football Club. Hibernian FC was founded on 6th August 1875 by the then parish priest Father Edward Joseph Hannan and Michael Whelahan, member of the St Patrick’s Church CYMS. Presented by the St Patrick’s Branch of the Hibernian Supporters on 17 March 2013.”


Read the full story over here.

This was the chapel my Great Grandfather on my mothers side, William Joseph Muir was baptised in.  He was born in 1865, he son of William Muir, who was the first of the Irish Muirs to arrive in Edinburgh, he lodged with a cousin, Bridget Enright, in the Cowgate, before marrying another relative, Mary Enright.  William Muir, like all the other Muirs was a shoemaker, who also found time to serve as a private soldier in The 63rd Regiment of Foot known as “The Bloodsuckers”.

Fast forward a hundred and thirty years, and


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  1. I was at the ceremony. Very emotional.
    If you check Hibs Net someone has put a link to a you tube video of the speeches.

    I think there is a photo of the plaque in the Scotsman although I couldn’t find it online.

    I took one on the iPhone but it didn’t come out to well because if the reflection. I could email it to you if you wanted

    My wife’s family also stated in the cowgate in the 1860s.

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