My Mums sister.  Evelyn Elizabeth Sarah Grace Robinson – Birth 30 Dec 1918 in South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland Death 21 Nov 2003 in Liberton Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland

Fourth from right front row, with Uncle Bill, second from left.

Eva Robinson













Auntie Eva at the bar in her cooncil hoose in Broomhouse. A young Mr H seems very much at home, something that would become increasingly obvious as time went on. 1967ish, judging by the size of me.

Auntie Eva and Mr H









Here’s Auntie Eva and her husband, Uncle Jimmy Martin partying like it’s 1999, in a a night club, somewhere in Blackpool, at some point in the nineteen fifties. Eva is second from the left, Jimmy second from right with either an unconscious woman or a fabulous ventriloquists dummy on his lap.

Eva and Jimmy Martin










PS – Eva’s son Jimmy called one of his sons Dean.  So my cousin is Dean Martin.  Fact.