Grace Muir Robinson

Birth 25 Sep 1929 in 122 Bonnington Road, Leith.  Death 29 May 2008 in Hotel Burstin, Folkestone

Here’s my Mum, Grace Hamilton, at the peak of her powers, proving once and for all, that she was the family intellectual! Although it could be the racing form.

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A proper family gathering. If memory recalls, it was my Auntie Evas 40th wedding anniversary at the Baron Suite (1980). Cabaret by the immortal Matt Monro.

Back row – me (dig that crazy collar, my mammy, my Uncle Bill. Front row – Uncle Jimmy (Evas husband), Auntie Margaret and Auntie Eva.

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Here’s my mammy on a works night oot, sometime in the fifties. She was at Parsons Peebles at the time, at the factory by Crewe Toll.

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My Mum, Grace Hamilton nee RObinson is in the third row from the front, sixth from the left. Two of her best pals are standing alone in the back row, my Aunties Nessie and Betty. Neither were relations, as was the custom at the time. Nessie married Davie and had two daughters, Joyce and Doreen. He was a builder, before losing his business through the drink. So naturally, he bought the Ardmillan Hotel, before losing that and buying a butchers in Gilmore Place, near Viewforth. Where he was arrested for rustling sheep! They ended up living in Orwell Place. Betty was married to my Dads best man, Phil McLuskey. My favourite unrelated Uncle, Phil was the life and soul of the party, largely due to being an alcoholic who worked in a brewery! He also brought ice cream for my dug every Monday night fae Bonis at Tollcross. They lived with his Mum, auld Mrs McLuskey in Lochrin Buildings, before ending up near Powderhall. They’re aw deid bar, possibly, Betty, who was still alive but blind, four years back when my Mum died.